Family & Caregivers

Local Relatives

Today adult children and other family members may be faced with an upcoming transition of their loved ones. They may know a lot – or very little – about the wishes of their loved one.

Often relatives are suddenly thrust into the midst of decision making while juggling the demands of their own work and family. They can’t do it all and realize they need outside help.

NexSeason Transitions is the trusted partner and advisor that offers solutions and paves the way for necessary changes.

Out of Town Family

The Atlanta area has grown dramatically over the past 25 years, flooded with professionals relocating here from other parts of the country. Their children, family or even friends may live far away but bear responsibility for their loved one. They can be scattered across the country and often have no idea where to start when life throws them a curve ball.

These geographically distant relatives rarely have the time, energy or money to travel back and forth regularly, so they need a local advocate to provide reliable contacts for services and to oversee the work when they cannot be present.

NexSeason offers a solution, including our unique Concierge Level Service Coordination that relieves the stress and worries families face.