About us

The emotional journey of a loved one forced to vacate their home due to health concerns or the loss of a spouse is stressful, placing a heavy burden on the family members making these decisions . We’ve been there, and we know from our own experience how hard unexpected transitions can be.

We created NexSeason Transitions after feeling our way through the process with our own loved ones. We couldn’t find the roadmap for setting up in-home health care, moving family members to assisted living, and even liquidating assets, so we created it!

In times of transition, seniors and their families crave comfort and reassurance that everything will work out. We make sure it does. With our carefully vetted partners and a personalized, step-by-step transition roadmap, we’ll guide you or your loved one to the place you want to be.

Meet The Founders


Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson is a certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist dedicated to helping people move to the best home for their needs. She has held a Georgia Real Estate License since 2002 and has sold over 500 homes in the Atlanta market.

Lisa began her real estate career with The Mark Spain Team, where she became the firm’s lead listing agent working with seniors downsizing and moving to Independent Living Communities. Today, she continues her personal approach to the senior market as an independent agent with Homesmart formly known as PalmerHouse Properties.

Hundreds of seniors have successfully transitioned to a new home and lifestyle with help from Lisa. Her clients include many widows facing the challenges of moving for the first time without their spouse. Although leaving the home once shared with a loved one to start a new life is a very emotional process, Lisa’s kind and empathetic approach alleviates the stress and anxiety her clients feel.

She understands from personal experience the overwhelming responsibility of moving a parent or loved one. When her father passed away unexpectedly, she was faced with relocating her mother to Georgia from out of state, selling a home, sorting through a household full of furnishings, then finding and preparing a place for her mom.

Seeing how emotional this time was for her own mother gave Lisa a greater understanding of the importance caring and compassionate partners play in the transition process. The experience was the spark for creating NexSeason Transitions with her business partner, Sherri Selman.


Sherri Selman

Sherri Selman’s career is a testament to her love of people. After retiring from a 30-year career as a flight attendant with Delta Airlines, where she developed abundant experience caring for and serving the public, Sherri became a distributor for Reliv International, a food science company. A keen interest in health and nutrition helped her advance to become a Reliv Ambassador in 2010. Sherri conducted many seminars and training programs, impacting the lives of hundreds of clients through better health and quality of life.

Her life was thrown into chaos in 2014 when Sherri’s husband, Mark, suffered a massive stroke. The diagnosis that Mark was totally disabled and would need intense care and rehab was devastating to them both. The challenges were overwhelming, but Sherri was determined to develop a plan to handicap their home and find qualified caregivers and therapists so she could bring her husband home to recover.

During a visit to Atlanta in 2015, Sherri’s father suffered a debilitating stroke in her home. She had to find full-time care for him in Alpharetta while liquidating her parents’ home and its contents in Missouri, where the family had lived for over 45 years. As the full-time caregiver for both Mark and her father, Sherri also helped relocate her elderly mother to Arizona so she could be closer to Sherri’s sister.

“I spent countless hours looking for qualified companies and individuals to help me with the daunting tasks I faced,” said Sherri. NexSeason Transitions was created to fill the need for expert advice and easy access to the best quality service providers. “Life is the best teacher and I feel the compassion and understanding I can offer our clients is invaluable.”

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Our Values

Our clients are like family, and we want to be sure you never walk alone. Our core values include:


Provide superior service and always strive for excellence.


Be transparent and accountable in every aspect of our business.


Treat everyone with professionalism and compassion.


Relentlessly pursue growth and improvement in all we do.

Service           Provide superior service and always strive for excellence.

Integrity        Be transparent and accountable in every aspect of our business.

Respect         Treat everyone with professionalism and compassion.

Innovation    Relentlessly pursue growth and improvement in all we do.