Best Senior Information Service of North Atlanta 2018

NexSeasonTransitions Wins Best Senior Information Service for North Atlanta!

We are honored, grateful and humbled to be selected as 2018 Best of North Atlanta Senior Information Service.  We are truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing community and are grateful that we can make a difference whether a life change is carefully planned or totally unexpected.

Co-Founders Sherri Selman and Lisa Wilson both learned from experience that life rarely goes according to plan.  Each discovered the challenges of unexpected life changes and realized the value of caring and compassionate guidance along the way.  

“My world was thrown into chaos by Mark’s sudden health crisis”, said Sherri.  When her husband was totally disabled by a stroke in 2014, Sherri faced drastic changes and myriad decisions, from housing issues to quality home care.  Within the same year Sherri became a full time caregiver for her father and aging aunt.

Lisa found herself in a similar situation, moving her own mother to Georgia after her father passed away. Her expertise as an active 15 year Senior Real Estate Specialist with over 500 home sales has made Lisa a valuable resource in helping families navigate through the home sale process; so it was natural to join forces with Sherri and form NexSeason Transitions. Having an agent that is prepared and trained for a senior move will alleviate a lot of the stress and chaos that families face when moving their loved one.

NexSeason provides turnkey solutions for home transitions with all the resources you need in one convenient place, providing comfort and clarity. We connect clients with carefully vetted partners, and even handle every step with our signature concierge-level service.