Vacation and Family Reunions Approaching: Is it Time to have "The What If Conversation?"

Most families will agree, it is never easy for anyone to begin the conversation. And yet knowing those wishes will be a critical guide for you to help your loved ones through the many decisions that you may have to make.

According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 82% of people say it’s important to put their wishes in writing, but only 7% have actually done it.

It is always too soon until it’s too late. That is why it is so important to discuss the “What Ifs.” Co-founders of NexSeason Transitions Lisa Wilson and Sherri Selman bring to their business the personal experience of handling sudden health crises in their families and navigating all the issues that entails. “We understand that discussing the future can be overwhelming,” says co-founder Sherri Selman, “which is why we designed our business to assist our clients through every aspect of the planning process.”

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking and planning how and when this conversation will take place. Although you might have an idea about what the senior transitions process will look like for your loved one, they may not feel the same way. This may include, downsizing to an active adult community, independent living, or assisted living. Start by gathering resources and possible ideas for your loved one; be prepared to discuss multiple ideas and be willing to listen. Once you feel like you are ready to approach your loved one and hold a family discussion, consider practicing with a friend, or family member involved in the process before having the meeting to get comfortable and confident ahead of time.

As you start to plan for this conversation, you will likely realize that you need additional resources and advice to support your loved one. That is where NexSeason Transitions comes into the picture. We understand that you need support to make the decisions best for your loved one and family. It’s likely you may not even live in the same state as your loved one. Which is why we developed turnkey solutions, alleviating the confusion and stress family members can experience through the transition process. Our signature Concierge Level Service Coordination provides clients with all the resources they will need, whether you are looking for real estate assistance, guidance with estate planning, or help researching assisted living centers, we offer everything you could possibly need together in one place.

“If families can take the time this summer to have the ‘What Ifs’ conversation, the peace of mind they will feel later will be well worth it, not only for the loved one involved but for the whole family,” says co-founder Lisa Wilson.

If you are interested further in developing a plan to have this conversation, visit the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to download their “Your Conversation Starter Kit.” To guide you step by step through the process. Get your copy here.

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