Lisa Wilson and Sherri Selman, Co-Founders of NexSeason Transitions

New Firm Guides Seniors through Life Transitions

Sherri Selman and Lisa Wilson both learned from experience that life rarely goes according to plan. Each faced the challenges of unexpected life changes and discovered the value of caring and compassionate guidance along the way.

“My world was thrown into chaos by Mark’s sudden health crisis,” said Sherri. When her husband was totally disabled by a stroke in 2014, Sherri faced drastic changes and myriad challenges, from housing issues to quality home care.

After Sherri’s father suffered a debilitating stroke the same year, she had to find full-time care for him while dealing with her parent’s home in Missouri and re-locating her mother. Knowing that many others encounter these same daunting tasks, Sherri decided to fill the need for expert advice and easy access to quality service providers.

Lisa faced a similar situation, moving her own mother to Georgia after her father passed away. Her expertise as a Senior Real Estate specialist helped Lisa create a roadmap for home transitions, so it was a natural fit to join forces with Sherri and form NexSeason Transitions.

Whether a life change is carefully planned or totally unexpected, NexSeason helps seniors and their families through all aspects of the home transition process: providing advice, connecting clients with carefully vetted partners, and even handling every step with concierge-level services.

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