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I approached NexSeasons because it was becoming more and more evident that my 96 year old Mom was going to need assisted living. NexSeasons helped me by reviewing Mom’s needs and arranging tours to several facilities that would be a fit and provide the best care for her. The result was better than I could ever have hoped for. Before Mom could even move in, she became hospitalized, and it was apparent that she would need to go into hospice care. To complicate matters, the hospital was going to release her in 24 hours. I don’t know what we would have done without the guidance and help of NexSeasons. Sherri Selman recommended a wonderful hospice, and an assisted living that we had previously visited was able to take Mom the next day. One thing I liked was that they are very familiar with many of the facilities in the area, and because they worked to find out the specific needs of my family, Mom was able to live out her days with the best care possible. NexSeasons was a comfort and an invaluable resource in a most stressful and sad situation. I highly recommend NexSeasons to people who need an empathetic, professional and knowledgeable resource when it comes to finding the next step in an elderly loved one’s life journey.

Fran Winklejohn

I highly recommend using Lisa Wilson and Sherri Selman with NexSeason Transitions if you need help moving your elderly parents. Lisa sold my parents home within a few weeks with multiple offers for a 45-year-old home in very poor condition. Lisa and Sherri were able to find an assisted living facility, an auctioneer to dispose of personal property, junk removal and moving company. They made all the arrangements and made the transition as smooth as possible. They were easy to work with and very professional and were A++ in every way possible. They made a very difficult and trying endeavor much easier than it could have been.

The Crims

Lisa provided exceptional service during the selling of my current home and the purchase of a new home. She was very responsive and took care of every detail from start to finish. Lisa has great attention to detail and made sure nothing was left undone and was very professional in her interactions with not only me but the other realtors. I'd recommend Lisa to anyone looking to either sell or buy a new home. She has a heart of gold!

Ms. Harris

After interviewing other agents, Lisa impressed us with her knowledge of local market valuation. She did her homework instead of just reciting and basing it on nearby comps. This included defining the target demographic, highlighting items in the house that attract them and coming up with a tailored marketing plan. She had fantastic connections with staging and contractors for the repairs that were needed. Our house sold immediately for a higher offer price than any of the other agents proposed.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilner

Having come to that time in our lives when we had to make decisions about our next transition before time made them for us, like nearly all seniors, we found the prospect of dealing with the move, downsizing, sale of our home, disposal of unneeded things a very daunting challenge. After reviewing their brochure, we contacted Nexseason Transitions. Their planning and guidance through the whole transition process was invaluable. From moveout, to estate sale, to prepping our home for market, move in, and closing it all went amazingly well. Lisa and Sherri’s guidance and counsel through the whole process took a lot of worry off of us. We have no problem recommending their services to anyone considering a similar move.

Don and Barbara Groce

Until it happen to you, you never realize what it’s going to be like.

Suddenly, my 92-year-old mom, who had lived independently and alone in a condo in Tucker, Georgia, for more than 40 years, had to be moved to assisted living. The facility is in the south of Florida, and my brother works there. He would, thus, be 570 miles from the condo. I live and work in South Carolina, about a four-hour drive from the condo.

How in the world would I be able to prep the condo for sale? It contained years and years of accumulated… stuff. I would only be able to come on weekends. It might take a year!

Fortunately, since my brother works at an assisted living facility, he heard about full-service Realtors. He was able to get a recommendation that we hire NexSeason Transitions. Wow! Are we ever glad we did!

My brother and I hired Lisa Wilson who is a Senior Real Estate Specialist and her partner Sherri on February 3rd of NexSeason Transitions. We packed up some of my mom’s things, but were unable to move any of her furniture because of the prohibitive cost of shipping so far. We left a pantry and refrigerator full of food, closets full of clothes she could not longer wear, a laundry room crammed with assorted junk, furniture in every single room, and probably about seven tons of books.

My mom wasn’t exactly a hoarder, but when you live anyplace for that long, you do tend to accumulate stuff. And she is of that generation that doesn’t believe in throwing anything out.

I honestly don’t know how Lisa and Sherri were able to get that place cleaned out and cleaned up so quickly! And, keep in mind they couldn’t even start until Feb 4, at the earliest, because my brother and I were in the condo trying to pack up what we could of Mom’s stuff and wait for her to be released from the hospital.

But, they did it! By March 15, the condo was on the market. And, less than 24 hours later, it was under contract! We closed on March 28th. They did such a great job that we had THREE offers as soon as the condo was listed. We were fortunate enough to get a cash offer pretty close to our list price.

I can’t say enough about the fantastic job NexSeason Transitions (Lisa and Sherri) did for our family. They kept us posted via text and phone calls and answered all our questions promptly.

I hope and pray that you never find yourself in our situation. But if you ever do, or if you ever need a Realtor, Lisa Wilson is the woman for you and NexSeason Transitions will provide all the services you could possibly need. Lisa and Sherri took the stress out of a very stressful situation and provided our family with a great outcome.

Steve and Edie McLaurin

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